Crenicichla Species List

By V. Kutty

The following is a list of known species of the genus Crenicichla Heckel 1840. As ichthyologists look further into the nomenclature of this fascinating genus of cichlids, a lot of the fog and mystery will be lifted. I am not aware of a key or monograph on the genus in the works at present. There are 106 species on this list and this will be updated and will no doubt grow in number. The newest addition is Crenicichla mandelburgeri, Kullander 2009.

Also, the incredibly varied Crenicichla johanna, Heckel 1840 may be split up into a few closely related species. Even when all species are described someday, expect name changes as a result of better understanding of species interrelationships. This list is not complete, nor do I guarantee the validity of all species listed.